In poker what is a slow roll

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As the best poker players will know, you can't just go into a game and expect Lady Luck to be on your side. While you could just cross your fingers, kiss your horseshoe and maybe stuff a few four-leaf clovers into your pocket in an effort … -LN- - Prominence Poker If someone joins in the middle of a hand, they should be required to either post in advance or wait - as it stands within the game now, if the seat to your right is vacant and someone joins in the middle of the hand when you're the BB, you … The best slow roll in history? For instance, Kassouf’s slow roll is way above others in category of sophistication. It can’t overcome the scale of this one.

Slow rolling (the act of taking excessive time to call a large final bet, when you have the strongest hand) is a part of poker games that certainly divide opinion.Whatever your opinion, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen some memorable slow rolls over the years. Here are some of the most controversial!

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When it comes to poker, a slow roll is when you have the best hand in any given situation, however take your time before revealing the hand. This is a very popular strategy among players as it is something that they feel like a pro would do or something you would see in the World Series of Poker, but it is never an acceptable move to pull during a poker game.

Slow Roll. To delay revealing a strong (likely winning) hand at showdown in an attempt to force other players to show their hands first. Whether done ... slow roll - Wiktionary slow roll (third-person singular simple present slow rolls, present participle slow rolling, simple past and ... (poker slang) An instance of slow rolling quotations ▽. Urban Dictionary: slowroll I've got AQ, dont slowroll me if you've got AK ... When someone leads you to believe that you have won a hand in poker, but then turns over a very strong hand. Slow-roll dictionary definition | slow-roll defined - YourDictionary